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The pornsite ‛Daughter Swap’ is about a certain aspect of taboo that involves dads and daughters. They are doing content, that instead of focusing on direct confrontations between dads\daughters, it sneakily sneaks in a different dynamic into the action. To swap is to exchange; and the only thing these dads have to exchange for sex is the daughters. Since the dads are caring enough to the (supposed) daughters, they encourage them to have sexy looking friends who come with their dad for several reasons.

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Maybe it’s so that the dads can teach the young females an important lesson. Alternatively, maybe it’s the daughters fault as they conspire to swap the dads and to fuck them. Maybe the dad\daughter couples are looking for another couple to hang out with, and it all ends up in people fucking. Maybe they are playing sport games, and the looser are to be used sexually by the winners. In addition, in special cases, the daughters and moms have their turn in special foursome swapping lesbian sex orgies. You (and I and all the others members of this pornsite), will learn of many a narrative that happen; fantasies that look so well made that they become reality for you, the hardcore fan!

What’s excellent about this pornsite relates to the 4 people combination of the scenes. See, that means, 2 cocks, 4 breasts, 2 pussies, and 2 of everything else you can imagine! This means a lot of movement; swapping of focus from one set of couple fucking to the next. But this pornsite, with its talented crew, behind the scene is capable of putting all things nicely together. (You know, they have done a scene with twin babes who are used for the bodily satisfaction of the males, one of our favorites!) Inside DaughterSwap.com, the vids are reality\gonzo created to fit into the selected story – you have description of the videos to read too.

The videos take place in dissimilar setups depending on what the story is about. The parent-child is filmed in a convincing manner as they act out the parts they play; (the performers are not like professional actors or anything, but they can convince you if you let them!) Anyway, its porn, so don’t read too much into it! You’ll see rotation of the faces inside for different pair-ups. You will see around eighty-six videos advertised in there. In video formats section, you’ll trace videos for resolutions like 1080p, 720p, and 420p resolutions. These are mostly mp4 files, they have wmv files too. You can stream or download for all videos. Each click of a captivating scenes pops up related content, and each contains information on time, number of views, ratings.

You can say they are minimalist on features and navigational flamboyance, but functional all the same. Mobile formats, for such devices, are available. They are supposed to be frequent in updating so that it adds amounts to the galleries; sorry to say they have been a little bit inconsistent. Nevertheless, you’ll have new action, they promise 2-3 every month so far. They haven’t worked out a deal yet for you to enjoy some bonus films and whatnot, but they have info on deals and discounts for other sites you may be interested in. The DaughterSwap.com discount racy taboos will have you pumping, panting, and playing whilst watching since the quality is so magnetically hardcore, and that’s this pornsite strongest virtue! Do let yourself go and enjoy.